WhatsApp will now let you link multiple devices without internet on phone

WhatsApp Multiple Device Support

WhatsApp Multiple Device Support:

WhatsApp Multiple Device Support, Form Several months, WhatsApp has been trying a feature for its users that would permit its users to connect their secondary devices and proceed to send and receive messages without the primary smartphone online. This feature is now officially rolling out to all WhatsApp users in the most recent update of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS versions. Before this update, we need to ensure that the smartphone is connected to the internet to use it on the Web.

While enabling this feature on your smartphone, you need to choose the options – named as still in “Beta”. Once enabled, you’ll be unlinked from all the devices connected before re-connecting to another gadget. Once connected, it is basically the same process to connect it to the web, the exception is you can chat like before even though your phone is not connected to the Internet.

Now, connected devices will actually want to get and send messages as long as 14 days after the primary smartphone goes disconnected. This may be helpful in case you’re in a circumstance where you’ve lost your smartphone for a brief time and are expected to keep in contact with people through WhatsApp, or if you run out of battery in your mobile suddenly and near to PC or Laptop then you can use WhatsApp easily with any problem

Bitterly, there’s a limitation on iOS that doesn’t permit you to delete messages or conversation threads from a connected device. The other constraint is that you actually can’t connect a tablet or secondary smartphone.

How to Link WhatsApp account to secondary gadget:

  • First, you update your WhatsApp to the latest version and Open Now, WhatsApp.
  • Now, You go to the three dots menu, the linked devices.
  • Then, after clicking on linked devices now, click on Link a Device > Scan QR code.
  • And now you can use the new WhatsApp beta on your scanned device even though your phone is not connected to the internet.


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